Jan and Hubert VAN EYCK L'Agneau Mystique (The Ghent Altarpiece), details 1432



  1. I wonder if you've ever had the chance to see any of the captivating works of William-Adolphe Bouguereau,1825-1905. He did not receive the respect he deserved in his own time because he refused to conform or compromise his vision, but his works have been viewed with increasing favour of late. He has several life-size or larger works and has a special talent for his seeming ability to capture the very soul of children. I must admit my favourites are his "Abduction of Psyche" works, both adult and child, which I find absolutely charming. I am enjoying your blog extravagantly (if that's even proper use for the word, but it seems to fit best) and I hope you find some viewing pleasure in the following:

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for your comment!! I'm a huge fan of Bouguereau an I've posted some of his works on this blog, here : http://largesizepaintings.blogspot.fr/search/label/William%20BOUGUEREAU
      I know Artrenewal. This is one of my favourites sources :)
      And sorry for my bad English: I'm French!