Henri MATISSE The Red Room 1908


  1. I want to change my blog like this blog. My blog has so many large images. I dont know how to all things move to below of page?
    I like Big art!

  2. You can change your blog like mine if you want: no problem!
    And I like big art too :)!

    I've change a little thing in the html code. Then the pictures have always the same width. Here's the link to do that:
    (Sorry, it's in French but you can try to translate this with Google).
    Otherwise, you can use Flickr as I did before but it take many time to change the width of each picture.

    And if you want me to create for you exactly the same blog, you just have to give me your email adress (I will not publish the comment) to connect me to Blogger. It will take me only five minutes :)!

    Sorry, I don't speak english very well because I'm French :))!